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About Smokin Hot Nuts

1996 in Coldspring, Texas the Smischny Family started smoking pistachios- adding a little flavor of jalapenos.  We found ourselves constantly eating Jalapeno Smoked Pistachios.  After our stomachs are full and fingers charcoal colored from peeling shells off the pistachios we thought to share with family and friends.  As they have enjoyed them as much as we did we figured others might like them as well.  -From Left to Right -Stacy, Jennafer, Weston, & Tim

In 2008 we decided to branch out and introduce the flavor to others that might enjoy a little smoke, spice and nuts.  We decided to open up “Smischny’s Smokin Hot Nuts” keeping it a small family business owned by Tim and Stacy Smischny.  Our daughter Jennafer helps with preparation and sales. Our son Weston is in the Army and in 2009 just returned from his 3rd tour to Iraq.  He continues to promote sales during his off duty time with the Army.  Smischny’s Smoking Hot Nuts are slow smoked from our home once they come off the smoker they get hand packaged and ready for delivery.

We are unique from other nut companies, where they do offer smoked nuts which they use liquid smoke and roast them (While this can keep your fingers clean).  We actually take the time to naturally, slow smoke the pistachios in our smoke pit.  Smokin Hot Nuts at the Local Farmers Market

Smokin Hot Nuts are Sold On-Line and at Farmers Markets Across Texas

Since we are a small family operation we are able to give our attention to the slow smoking time, careful packaging to deliver great tasting natural smoked pistachios. Not to mention pistachios are healthy for snackers.  Loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber, pistachios are one of the healthiest nuts with no cholesterol or trans fat.  Adding the jalapeno and garlic flavor also adds more nutrients and health benefits.

From our home to your home we offer you a little smoke, a little spice and a great nut in each of our bags.  The question is how much spice do you like?